A great video about Gender Sexuality and the Role of Elders from the Northeast Two Spirit Society.


Independent Lens | Two Spirits | Trailer | PBS

Published on Jun 7, 2011   Two Spirits is the tragic story of a mother's loss of her son with a revealing look at the largely unknown history of a time when the world wasn't simply divided into male and female, and many Native American cultures held places of honor for people of integrated genders.  Learn more about "Independent Lens": http://www.pbs.org/independentlens Watch "Independent Lens" films online: http://video.pbs.org/program/1218239994/


NYC Pride March - East Coast Two Spirit Society and the Northeast Two Spirit Society footage.


East Coast Two Spirit Society at the NYC Pride March.


Published on Mar 24, 2015   Performed by Ty Defoe (Ojibwe/Oneida) in NYC for live music video for "Two Spirit" from 50 Shades of Red To hear or own more from 50 Shades of Red: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/50-... For more information dawnavery.com


"Two Spirit" Music Video by Tony Enos


Two Spirits, One Dance For Native American Artist Published on Feb 25, 2016   “Two-spirit” is how some Native Americans describe people whose gender identity doesn't fit as strictly male or female. Meet Ty DeFoe, who's using traditional dance to take this gender identity back from the negative connotations established during colonization.   Shot by video journalist Courtney Quirin for AJ+.


American Indian Community House's Celebration of Rainbow Pride.  Published on Jul 7, 2017 from the June 24, 2017 - Two Spirit Pride at the New York Society for Ethical Culture performed by Sheldon Raymore.


Our Place in the Circle

2Spirits In Motion Foundation

Published on August 23, 2018

Lorne Olson's short documentary presents a vision he had of two-spirited people dancing, laughing, and smiling. His vision spurs him to rediscover the strength of the past to better face the challenges of today. This funny and buoyant film documents his touching journey. Directed by our two spirited talented Lorne Olson of Winnipeg, MB.


World Pride / Stonewall 50 Promo Video for Heritage of Pride - NYC