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World Pride 2019 / Stonewall 50 / Two Spirit

 New York City - Over 5 Million people are expected to visit New York City during the historic June 2019 World Pride/Stonewall 50 celebrations. World Pride events have taken place around the globe every two years since 2000, this will be the second World Pride on Turtle Island - the land we now call North America. With such a monumental and visible happening in history of the Two Spirit Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer (TSLGBTQ) movement, it is imperative that the First Peoples of this land are presented with dignity and pride by NYC's Heritage of Pride (HOP) organization - the local organizers of World Pride. The Two Spirit Indigenous People's Association of NYC (TSIPA) is seeking an active partnership with HOP to ensure the respectful representation of Two Spirit Indigenous People. 

 The term "Two Spirit" is a pan-Indigenous Indian term agreed upon in between 1989 and 1990 at an Indigenous LGBTQ gathering in Manitoba, Canada.  Minneapolis, MN. The term is intended to unite Indigenous cisgender, transgender, gender fluid, gender queer, and gender non-conforming people under one spirit name term.  The concept of being Two-Spirit can be translated from many Native cultures and languages.  Two Spirit People in the histories of many Native peoples were revered and uplifted by their respected tribes before the devastating effects of colonization. Two Spirit people often had functional and sacred traditional roles among their Nations. Two Spirit people in fact pre-date the modern LGBTQ movement.  On August 13, 2018 members of TSIPA attended the World Pride 2019 town hall meeting held at New York's LGBT Center where they spoke about proper representation of the community during the upcoming World Pride 2019 march and its subsequent events.   TSIPA NYC is a volunteer task force organizing to support visiting Indigenous relatives with community and safer spaces during this year's World Pride/Stonewall 50.  In addition TSIPA is requesting a place in the 2019 March that is respectful of the First People of this land. 

The task force is also organizing it's own Indigenous World Pride 2019 events. These events include scholarships for those in need of assistance to get to NYC – especially for Elders and Youth, a  2nd Two Spirits and HIV conference(the first was in 1991) , a poetry reading during the conference called “Don’t Call Me Berdache”, and the hosting of International Two Spirit title holders from across Turtle Island. 

March Order Formation

We've reached our contingent capacity with 150 registered marchers and have no more available slots.

We are so excited to announce the placement of Two-Spirit Indigenous People's Association in the 2019 NYC WorldPride | Stonewall 50 March Order! 

Group Name (As you should Check-In): 

Two Spirit Indigenous People's Association                                         

Check-In Time on June 30th: 12:00 PM

Section Number: 1

Order Number: 11

Confirmed Group Size: 150

Marcher Formation Block: 33rd Street Between 5th Ave and Madison Ave                                      Float Formation Block: Not Applicable


Two Spirit Indigenous People's Association is organizing events under the theme “Welcome to Our Fire”.  These events will support visiting Two Spirit community members and Indigenous People from across the globe during World Pride 2019/Stonewall 50 in New York City. 

Registration is Closed

Contact Us

Email: tsipa@aich.org

To register to march with TSIPA please email us with your Name/Phone Number/Preferred Email Contact/Tribal Affiliation/ and if requesting a conference scholarship application.

If you would like to volunteer with TSIPA please indicate this as well in your email.

Thank you,


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39 Eldridge Street, Manhattan, New York, New York 10002, United States

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